Service Dog for Christen

How much do you know about service dogs?  I didn’t know much about them until a few months ago.  I thougimg_3281ht people only had a service dog if they were blind or had epilepsy.  Did you know that there are service dogs for people with diabetes, autism, and PTSD?

Here a few things a PTSD service dog can be trained to do:

  • Assistance in Medical Crisis
  • Retrieve Medication and Beverage
  • Bring Phone in Emergency
  • Answer Doorbell
  • Bring Help Indoors
  • Assist to Rise and Steady Patient
  • Carrying Medical Supplies
  • Treatment Related Assistance
  • Timed Medication Reminder
  • Help Coping With Medication Side Effects
  • Alert Partner In Time of Distress
  • Alert To emergency Like Smoke Alarm
  • Assistance Coping With Emotional Overload
  • Provide Tactile Stimulation To Disrupt Overload
  • Wake For Work Or School
  • Combat Sedative Effects
  • Prevent and Combat Emotional Overload In Workplace
  • Public Panic Prevention
  • Security Enhancement Tasks
  • Support In Coping With Fear Of Intruder
  • Assist In Escape Strategy
  • Light Up Dark Room

I am working with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to raise funds for my service dog.  In short, I will eventually be moving out of my parents house and back on my own.  The thought of that is kind of scary and definitely makes me anxious.  To help with the transition and to set myself up for success, I am getting a service dog that SDWR will spend 18 months training to meet my specific needs.

I’ve raised 5% of my goal and I could use your help.  Please go to to read more about how you can help.



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